Ignition Timing

Spark Plug

When tuning a car for any application, there are two main things a tuner looks at: the Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR) and the ignition timing. In other words, they are looking at the amount of fuel going into the internal combustion […]



Ethanol as an alternative fuel has been a thing for quite some time. Only recently are cars in the States coming from the manufacturer with a flex fuel sensor. This sensor determines the ethanol content in the fuel of the […]


EJ22T plucked from the junk yard

My naT build lasted only a short while due to user error. I talked about how you shouldn’t get too horny for more boost, and yet I turned it up too high… After just under 3,000 miles, I started noticing […]

Oil Catch Cans

baffled oil catch can

Every car has a positive crankcase ventilation system. The PCV system is designed to regulate and remove fumes out of the engine crankcase, and to alleviate pressure which could cause oil leaks or seal damage. All in all, it’s a way […]

Air/Fuel Ratios

AEM wide band guage

  When it comes to doing anything performance-related to your car, you have to tune off of several different outputs to create the safest power. The biggest thing you will hear about is the AFR (Air/Fuel Ratio). This is a […]