Ben Futral

(The Creator)

Ben Futral

My name is Ben Futral: The CEO of Turbo Timer, LLC and the drive behind it’s business ventures like our website, garage, and podcast. As the host of The Turbo Timer Podcast I love being able to go on the mic with my buddies and bull shit cars for an hour twice a week. For some reason I make it available for others to listen to and people are actually listening around the world.  I’m an automotive enthusiast that loves to talk car politics. I particularly enjoy talking with people as informed and enthusiastic as I am, but can also handle talking with uninformed individuals. However, I have to grit my teeth while talking to the very ignorant “car guys”, who talk about how their buddy has a “cammed” RX-8 that sounds so, “throaty at idle”. It’s this love that inspired me to start The Turbo Timer Podcast.

Ben WeldingBen Futral WeldingI completed the automotive program at Utah Valley University. I’m a member of their race team where we have completely built a spec Miata out of a stock chassis, and currently compete it in time attack and Spec Miata races.

I am a self taught welder but have gotten a lot of time under my belt. I have completed many jobs including swapping a ford 8.8 into a Tj jeep with the Atec bracket kit and the roll cage in the Miata. I brought this knowledge into my profession as a structural steel welder.


I have TONS of enthusiasm for anything auto, and you can always find me researching, watching, or tinkering with cars. I have taken the steps towards my goal of opening a performance shop, and am working towards having it rival the big names out on the market today. I also have a huge passion for rallying and will be opening a rally school here in Utah to teach others how to safely drive on dirt.