Colton Cavalli

(The Body)


I am Colton Cavalli. A little bit about me: I love everything about performance cars! They just send a chill right down my spine! Ever since a young age, I’ve been taking things apart and putting them back together. My first real gearhead experience was back in 2012. I was working with my uncle on the road all the time, and we always talked cars to pass the time. This piqued my interest, and ever since I have been in love with cars!

Right now I am studying at Utah Valley University in the Automotive program. I am involved in everything and anything I can be. I am a student leader, UVU race team member, and Pokémon master! My plans for the future involve becoming a mechanical engineer with a focus on automotive. My end goal is to engineer and build my own motor!

As for my ride: after almost two years of pestering my grand father, I’ve finally purchased his garage-kept 1990 300ZX Twin Turbo with lots of potential and many plans.

1990 300zx