Harness bar for the Rally Wagon


The Turbo Timer crew “cruises” (holds time attack events) through the beautiful Utah canyons every weekend! And one major thing that I have found in the Rally Wagon that lacks is the seat. It’s an old early 90’s seat with zero of the aggressive bolstering you can find in modern day cars. So I found someone selling an Evo 8 Recaro seat that came with Takata harnesses. These were stupid cheap especially with the Takata’s still in code for 2 more years.

After a lot of custom work on the rails to get the Recaro seat in. It was time to get to work on a harness bar. There is a lot of controversy on these bars but at the end of the day if welded in and done properly there is safety in it. With two 35 degree bends to a length of tubing and then a little bit of welding. The finished product is great! A run through the canyon is a whole different experience with the seat and four point combination! There was a study done where a man set a time on a track in a corvette. Then they put him in a corvette with a seat and a harness and he got almost 2 1/2 seconds better of a time. I can attest to those results. This mod really transformed the Rally Wagon.

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