Jacob Ostler

(The Lead Foot)

My name is Jake Ostler, and I am a speed demon. I enjoy pushing whatever I can get my hands on to the limit, from cars (obviously), to go-carts, to motorcycles, and even lawn tractors. Speed is in my blood. I have loved cars ever since I played with my little Hot Wheels collection on my roll up car rug. I am currently attending Utah Valley University (UVU) in the automotive program. My dream has been to work on cars from the start of my first automotive class in 10th grade. Since then, I’ve been hooked!! Getting arm deep in an engine bay makes my day.


Racecar driving has been a passion of mine even from my first go cart ride,  I am now a proud owner of an Evo 8. Currently I am daily driving it with a stage 3 clutch in it, which is quite hard when trying to make smooth starts and trying to drag race it. But After a week I can say it is faster than my previous car which was a mazdaspeed 3 with 350 whp. I have tons of plans for it and hope to keep it until it is my full track-ready race car.

Yes, Jensson is my brother and was the one that got me started on fixing and building cars.