Jensson Ostler

(The Wrench)

Jensson OstlerJensson Ostler

My name is Jensson Ostler. First and foremost, I am a wrench man through and through. I’ve never been scared to get my hands dirty on any little or large jobs. Secondly, I am a race junkie and am working on getting my racing license. Street or track, I’m down. I am in it to win and will take on any challenge.

As a student at Utah Valley University, my major is in Automotive Service Technology. My automotive education started in high school shop class where I graduated in the top 10 automotive students in Utah.  Afterwards, I started working with smaller engines which turned into a love for motorcycles, and this became a large part of my life. I am a two time State Champion in Motorcycle Service Technology for SkillsUSA, and took 2nd in Nationals this year. As part of the UVU racing team, I spend my  free-time building their multiple racing cars.


I have had many cars and bikes up to this point, but my current whip is a 2006 MazdaSpeed 6 2.3L turbo. Let’s just say it’s not stock… Stay posted to watch the build. Above right picture is a preview of how the motor  looks at the moment. mazda speed 6