7. Sick Co-Hosts and Tesla Talk

The Turbo Timer Podcast! On episode 7 Chandler and Ben are sick but do their best to mute their mic when they cough. You’ll find a very baffled Jensson and Chandler on the car sound segment. But still fun regardless. […]

6. It’s a New Year with a New Host!

The Turbo Timer Podcast Episode 6 is here! We hope that everyone’s 2016’s were amazing. In the coming year we are excited to continue to produce episodes and grow our listener base. On this episode Chandler joins us in the […]

5. Paul Walker and Tires

The Turbo Timer podcast Episode five is a good one for sure! You can tell that we are still getting that sound quality out of the mixer and are really able to dial it in. This episode is a tribute […]

4. Finally, Some Sound Quality!

The Turbo Timer podcast The long awaited episode 4 is here! First I need to apologize to you, listeners, for the long wait. We had some things come up that prevented us from being able to record. This episode should […]

3. Turbo the World and Titanium Bodies

The Turbo Timer podcast Episode 3 of The Turbo Timer Podcast is here! We had a lot of fun with this podcast! there was a true candid moment  where we start going off on a tangent and forget we are […]

2. Big Tire Race Cars and JDM Fanboys

The Turbo Timer podcast Episode 2 is here, In this episode the crew talks a lot as we settle into the a structure we think flows well for the podcast. Listen in as we talk Corvettes, Formula one, Mclarens, and […]

1. Meet The Crew

The Turbo Timer Podcast! The first official episode of The Turbo Timer Podcast is here! In this episode we start off with a little explanation of why and what The Turbo Timer Podcast was created for! Along with the back […]

Ignition Timing

Spark Plug

When tuning a car for any application, there are two main things a tuner looks at: the Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR) and the ignition timing. In other words, they are looking at the amount of fuel going into the internal combustion […]



Ethanol as an alternative fuel has been a thing for quite some time. Only recently are cars in the States coming from the manufacturer with a flex fuel sensor. This sensor determines the ethanol content in the fuel of the […]


EJ22T plucked from the junk yard

My naT build lasted only a short while due to user error. I talked about how you shouldn’t get too horny for more boost, and yet I turned it up too high… After just under 3,000 miles, I started noticing […]